“Wir shaffen das” said the terrorist

By Tassos Symeonides
Academic Advisor

Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt
Sun Tzu, The Art of War     
... there is such a distance between how one lives and how one ought to live, that anyone who abandons what is done for what ought to be done achieves
his downfall rather than his preservation.
Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince
          Recent events:
     A crypto-jihadist Turkish policeman shoots dead the Russian ambassador to Turkey and delivers an “allahu akbar” screaming denunciation standing over his victim’s body as the camera rolls.[2]
     A Tunisian asylum seeker, known to German police as a dangerous criminal and terrorist suspect, marked for deportation, goes un-monitored, highjacks a semi-truck, and uses it as a battering ram to murder and wound civilians in a German street Christmas market. He then loiters across open borders and reaches Italy, where police shoot him dead during a routine traffic stop.
     Senior police leaders warn the German public to expect “further significant [terrorist] attacks.”
     In Canberra, Australia, a van packed with gas cylinders rams the Australian Christian Lobby headquarters and explodes.
     Iran threatens to intervene in Bahrain and Yemen after it helps conquer Aleppo.
     Earlier, Islamists bomb a Coptic Christian church in Egypt causing carnage.

In a most glaring demonstration of the climate of fear spreading across the Continent this Christmas, armed police are patrolling in front of the nativity scene at Canterbury Cathedral in Kent.

Just like elsewhere in Europe, the UK is on alert for Islamic terror attacks aiming at the “Kuffar” (the unbelievers, the atheists) during this Christian holy season. Earlier this month, ISIS announced it is escalating its war on “polytheism” (read: Christianity) this Christmas and plans to continue spilling the blood of those not bowing to the Prophet and the Quran.

Europe is caught in an unbreakable funk: its political class refuses to see the obvious and struggles to contain “populism”[3] which is the direct threat to its privileges and to the flaccid culture of “inclusion” and “tolerance” which they established as the bedrock of their “new” Europe now in a downward spiral. European politicians, by competing on being as politically correct and as culturally Marxist as possible, provide “good services” to those who have unequivocally declared their intentions
(a) to break, kill, and bury European “polytheist” cultures;
(b) to massacre as many of the “atheists” presuming they can fight back to stop the march of the devout; and
(c) to use Europe’s multiculti pieties as the perfect weapon in undermining popular morale and demonizing those who recognize the threat, past the feverish make-up campaign of the obvious by European liberals, and seek to stop it

Much has been said/written already on what changes are required to stem the onslaught. Efforts to discover a rational explanation of what motivates Merkel in throwing their countries open to the gravest threat since World War II have been unsuccessful. Merkel poses as a “conservative” alongside the radical multiculturalists disintegrating Europe -- which helps explain the sorry state of “conservatism” across the European dis-Union. The spectacle is pathetic as it is deeply demoralizing.

So far, the halfhearted huffing and puffing of our “leaders” focuses on what to do “better” to contain the murderers: more security, more surveillance, more push for integrated databases of terror suspects, more police cooperation, more money for “multicultural” education, more policies on “multifaith” approaches, etc., etc.

But politicians avoid like the plague the true moral causes of the crisis and the necessity for an aggressive “hearts-and-minds” offensive without which there can be no success.

A counter-strategy to stem the tides of religious fanaticism, religion-instigated terror, and the obvious attempt to undermine and collapse European societies in favor of the “devout” must adopt steps like:

STEP 1: Ditch the cultural fear of “offending” those who work for your destruction.
Interfaith meetings, solidarity initiatives, iftar breakfasts and dinners, parliamentary votes to ask for “forgiveness” from those oppressed during colonialism, the deliberate undermining of the Christian tradition, the relentless push for “secular” (read: non-Christian) education, the pressure to see minarets rising in the hearts of Western cities etc. must be abandoned.[4] They communicate an image of the cowering “guilty” recognizing, at long last, their crimes against all people outside a narrow (white) minority -- and, thus, offer elf-inflicted legitimacy to calls for violent restitution and the death of the remorseful, yet still essentially unreformed, Western countries.

STEP 2: Drop politically “neutral language” and return to calling a spade a spade.
Refusing to call terrorism “terrorism,” and twisting one’s linguistic talents to discover the “non-offending” dialect which would best suit the demands of “cultural associations” serving as fronts of terrorist subversion, won’t do any longer. Tell them exactly what they must expect to hear.

STEP 3: Recognize your own country’s demand for control of its borders as the minimum necessary condition for maintaining the integrity of the national space and reject the accusation that this attitude “proves” you are prisoner of stifling “anti-human” provincialism.
Illegal immigration must not be a conduit to legitimacy. Entering the country illegally must become reason for permanent disqualification of offenders. Add to this the immediate reform of any constitutional or other provision recognizing the right to citizenship of illegal immigrant offspring born in the receiving country.

STEP 4: Stop making unacceptable historical comparisons between past European refugee crises and the current invasion from the deep recesses of bottom-tier countries of the Third World.
There is nothing common between, for example, the mass Hungarian exodus, after the Soviet suppression of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against communist rule, and the push by North and sub-Saharan Africans to reach Italy. The Hungarian tragedy was a European affair. The Nazi genocide of the Jews has zero “compatibilities” with what pushes Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Eritreans, Sudanese, Cameroonians, and Congolese, to name just a few, to breach European borders.[5] To make such comparisons the means of finding excuses for illegal immigration and its enablers is not only historically hypocritical, politically wrong, and socially destructive, but, also, with no base in fact.

STEP 5: Stop offering duplicitous tearful prayers for the victims and discovering potential “goodness” in those who perpetrate mayhem; act now in order not to offer prayers later.
Terrorists are not “victims of circumstances” and our societies are not responsible for what the murderers claim to suffer. Offering excuses for their crimes is the most insidious form of “friendly” subversion favored, in particular, by mealy-mouthed media types, “solidarity” professionals, “humanists,” “inclusionists,” inter-faith gurus, “oppressed minority” advocates, and the ubiquitous NGOs in the service of philanthropic totalitarianism.

STEP 6: Understand and absorb the reality of the current wave of illegal (and not ‘irregular’) population movements of peoples foreign to Western culture often animated by hatred toward “unbelievers” and their corrupt societies.
Gone is the era of immigrants being assimilation champions, who changed their names, immersed their children in host societies, adopted local habits, and emerged as picture perfect examples of newly minted and proud citizens of the receiving country. Today, the measure is ghettoization demanded by primitive social norms prevalent in the old barren country; transfer of primitive, violent, and often downright criminal, ethics into the host society; and constant demands that the hosts assimilate themselves into the transplanted culture of the wild lands of bottom-tier countries.[6]

STEP 7: Repeal the radical liberal manta of “diversity is strength.”
Never in history has diversity been anything but a calamity waiting to happen. Past empires, extending over large parts of the world, were inescapably diverse in human, religious, and cultural terms. But the sole element of strength keeping those empires together was NOT diversity but the iron will of the emperor to impose “armed peace.” The Macedonian phalanx, the Roman legions, the Ottoman janissaries, the British Army in India, the Russian tsarist armies, the French colonial troops, and the British regiments of foot during the Malay Emergency served the same basic purpose: keep “diversity” under tight armed check, the only mode of government that worked with the “governed” until imperial power weakened and waned. More recently, examples such as republican vs. unionist Ireland’s and that of the post-Yugoslavia Balkans, not to mention Israel and the Palestinians, tell their own irrefutable stories of how “diversity” the sole desirable “solution” contributes to peace, security, progress, stability, and economic improvement.

STEP 8: Fight to win and not to lose.
This step presupposes that Western societies ditch foremost the fear of being branded “racist” -- a fear that is ill-begotten since the only apparently true fiery critics of us being “racist” are the members of our own left-liberal community, who believe the future of the Universe rests on creating “Petri dish[es] for innovative people combos.” The first step, therefore, is to break the taboo of avoiding to meet this community of “humanists” head on, to neutralize both its “message” and its cultural impact on society.

New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid, Brussels, the Italian coast, and Greece transformed into the dump of Europe are only opening-phase incidents. What comes next will be decisive. It’s nice and sensitive to declare je suis Charlie but lachrymose words won’t do any longer neither would “solidarity” demonstrations, with banners declaring “Never Again,” led by political and “community” leaders, confused celebrities, and other odd characters claiming “symbol” status and supine morale -- because a  series of geometrically worsening “again-s” looms just under the horizon.

European politicians excel in organizing memorial services for the victims, and making solemn statements after the fact, but fail disastrously to act as leaders in dire times.[7]  

Terrorism, religious warfare, and ethno-racial hatred aiming at Western societies won’t be defeated with hashtags, YouTube channels, “hate speech” ordinances, “solidarity” round tables, community “awareness” agencies sustained with taxpayer’s money, building excuses for human-killing offenders and their support communities, preaching preposterous mantras that have no basis or relevance in historical experience and national evolution, and castigating two thirds of suffering society as bigots and “deplorables.”

What will win the day is offense, merciless, pure, and simple.
Today and not tomorrow. 

[1]"Wir shaffen das", “We can do it.” Merkel’s exhortation to the German people to accept the invasion of Moslem “irregular” “migrants” and “refugees.”
[2]The murderer, Mevlut Mert Altintas, had served as backup security to Erdogan eight times after the failed July 15 coup.
[3]On populism being “fascism,” as all liberals claim today, see “Populism Is Not Fascism: But It Could Be a Harbinger.”
[4]Banning “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending Moslems is now an epidemic throughout Western countries (‘Happy Holidays’ is the stand-alone alternative of choice). This ridiculous “sensitivity” leads to surreal changes of Western practice like this one.
[5]Recent arrests of illegally landing aliens in Greece have discovered “oppressed” and persons “fleeing persecution” from such unlikely far distant places as Jamaica and several South American countries of origin. Perfunctory questioning of these new arrivals proved that the driving motive behind these “escapes from totalitarianism” is simply setting one’s shelf up with the help of kind-hearted charitable European taxpayers offering benefits for free.
[6]This UK practice, for example, is unacceptable and dangerous. In Greece sharia law is recognized as superior to Greek Civil Law; Greece is the only European country where muftis hold ultimate legal authority concerning Moslem disputes sidestepping Greek civil courts (source in Greek).
[7]They also excel in offering thoughtful condolences to a European experiment gone wrong. In rare exceptions, they do rise to protect their countries from the European experiment and its arbitrary punishments. And Spain proves there are ways to control “irregular” immigration by building defenses not on assumptions but on actions.

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